About Us

Our team is comprised of upper-level journalism students at Stony Brook University and Professor Pablo Calvi and Teaching Assistant, Mike Adams. After a semester of JRN 320: Multimedia Lab, in which we reported various issues in the region with The Osprey, we decided to focus our efforts on environmentalism on Long Island.

Our Team

Brianne Ledda, Editor-in-Chief

Alex Bakirdan, Managing Editor

Frank Gargano, Managing Editor

Gabby Pardo, Managing Editor

Isabelle Desilier, Copy Editor

Zoya Naqvi, Copy Editor

Chelsea Sullivan, Copy Editor

Vivica Michel, Multimedia Editor

Duffy Zimmerman, Multimedia Editor

Arielle Noren, Verification

Pedro Rodrigues, Verification

Josh Spitz, Verification

Jacob Alvear, Contributor

Paige Clarke, Contributor

Priya Shahi, Contributor

Vaidik Trivedi, Contributor